Miami - Historic Route 66's Favorite Stop!

Whether you have two hours or two days, you will find Miami has a lot to see and do!

Itinerary ideas:

Day One

9 a.m. Breakfast at Chapters Bookstore on Route 66

A one of a kind, unique bookstore and coffee shop will help you get your morning started.Get your caffeine fix with a Starbucks coffee, chai  tea, latte, or espresso. They also have a large selection of Oklahoma souvenirs and gift items.

Morning options:

  • Tour the historic Coleman Theatre, the Jewel of Route 66.  Built in 1929, this magnificent structure has been completely restored to its original glory. Tours begin at 10 a.m. Allow plenty of time to take in the beauty and opulence of this exquisite theatre. In 2012, by a Joint Resolution of the Oklahoma House and Senate, the Coleman was designated as Oklahoma's Premiere Vaudeville Theatre. Open Tuesday through Friday from 10a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 10a.m. to 2 p.m. Group tours can be arranged by appointment. For more information or to schedule a group tour, call (918)-540-2424.
  • Visit the Dobson Museum, home to Indian artifacts, displays of furniture and toys used by the first settlers, an area mining display from the early days, collections of old documents, newspapers, and photographs, memorabilia from Mickey Mantle's life and career. Open Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1p.m. to 4p.m. Group tours can be set up at any time for your convenience. Call 918-542-5388 for more information or to schedule a group tour.
  • Drive north to Commerce, Oklahoma and view the boyhood home of baseball legend, Mickey Mantle. Walk around the lawn where Mickey learned the batting skills to be come known as "The Commerce Comet." Take a close look at the old tin-barn that bears the dents and dings from serving as his backdrop. Inside home tours are available to groups by making arrangements in advance. Call the CVB at 918-542-4435 for more information.


Miami has many places to choose from. You might want to try the Famous Waylan's Ku-Ku Burger. It was a hoppin' place on Route 66 back in the day and that hasn't changed one bit, it's just as popular today! The burgers and fries are sublime and you'll want to get a Cyclone or Flavor Burst cone for dessert on your way out.

Afternoon options:

  • Recreation Time- Choose from bowling at Playland Lanes, golf at Peoria Ridge, or take in a movie at the Miami Cineplex. Or take the kids or grandkids to the Miami Municipal Pool, it's the largest in the state of Oklahoma! With speed slides, water basketball hoops, animal character water slides, playground equipment, and a fully stocked concession stand, you're sure to have some fun in the bright Oklahoma sun!
  • Gaming Fun- Ready to try your luck at the tables? Choose from 14 casinos, many of them right here in Miami!


Are you hungry? Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Steak, BBQ, Chicken, Burgers & Fries, or Fried Catfish- you're sure to find lots of options here in Miami! Refer to the "Eat" tab on the home page or refer to the dining section in our Visitor Guide for lots of choices.

Day Two 

Morning Options:

  • Take a drive south to Grand Lake of the Cherokees. Just 20 minutes from Miami, it's well worth the short drive.
  • While south of town, follow Highway 125 to Ribbon Road, the last original section of Route 66. Walk along this historic pavement which was put in place before Route 66 was even named. It's your chance to experience double the history in one spot.
  • Grab your list of historic places in Miami and get ready to experience some fabulous sites. With 15 places on the registry, you could make a full day on this option alone. Don't miss the Marathon Oil Gas Station or the fabulous Coleman Mansion.


Choose from our many fine restaurants located in Miami or groups can make arrangements to have lunch on stage at the Historic Coleman Theatre Beautiful. Dine on the stage where history was made! All the vaudeville greats from Will Rogers to Sally Rand, the Fan Dancer performed here during the 1920s an '30s. This is definitely an experience you can only have in Miami.

Afternoon options:

  • Shop til you drop! There are lots of unique items and bargains to be found.
  • NEO A&M College, home of the Norsemen, awaits your presence. This college was once a mining school. It sits a few blocks off of Route 66. The library has a gallery that tells about The British Flyers. The RAF sent their young soldiers to train at the Spartan School of Aeronautics in Miami. Some of those soldiers died in training and are buried at the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery in the northern part of town. The college is beautiful and it's easy to see why they are one of the top rated 2-year colleges in the state. While you're there take a look at our new Football Field and Event Center. Row, Norse Row!
  • Take a drive south to Nearby Vinita and experience some of the wineries that call our area home. Or drive north to Kansas and see some of the murals painted on buildings in Quapaw. Or if your feeling adventurous, wait around for the spooklight near Devil's Promenade. The Spooklight is commonly described as a single ball of light or a tight grouping of lights that appears in the area regularly, usually at night. It has been seen along this road since 1866 and has created such a mystery that even the Army Corps of Engineers officially concluded that it was "a mysterious light of unknown origin."
  • Dinner and perhaps a performance at the Coleman Theatre or a concert at one of the local casino.

As you can see from the sample itineraries, there's a lot to keep you entertained here in Miami. Stop by or call the CVB at 918-542-4435 and we tailor an itinerary to fit your interests and timeline. 

Miami in one day!  

Start your day with a freshly baked muffin and a steaming hot cup of Starbuck’s coffee at Chapters Bookstore in downtown Miami. Built in 1918, the interior features 14 foot ceilings, dark oak molding, and 10 x 14 foot mahogany windows. Much of the original tile was discovered under layers of adhesives and paint before it was restored. 

Tour Famous Miami Landmarks

Next walk north a block to The Historic Coleman Theatre. Known as the “Jewel of Route 66” it has also been designated by the State Legislature as the Premier Vaudeville Theatre of Oklahoma. This theatre has been catching the eye of visitors on Route 66 since 1929. Built as a vaudeville theatre and movie palace, it hosted appearances by many early stars including Will Rogers, Bob Hope, and Bing Crosby. It has been restored to its original glory, including the return of the “Mighty Wurlitzer” pipe organ. 

Then take a stroll to the Gateway Sign. This replica sign was originally erected in the 1900s. Today visitors traveling north on Route 66 in Miami will be greeted by this new sign which is quickly becoming a favorite Route 66 attraction.

Hungry yet?

Hop in the car and take off for lunch at the Famous Waylan’s Ku-Ku Burger. The Ku-Ku is the last of its kind and has become an icon on Route 66. The restaurant is full of Route 66 memorabilia and is home to a unique giant ku-ku clock.  Make sure to a get a delicious Cyclone or Flavor Burst cone for dessert on your way out! 

Baseball and Route 66

Back on the road, head north about five miles to Commerce, Oklahoma to visit the boyhood home of baseball legend and American hero, Mickey Mantle. You can walk in the yard and near the house where the young Mickey learned to switch hit. His father and grandfather started training him at about the age of five. They pitched to him while he stood in front of their barn and you can still see the dings and dents in the old tin building that served as his backstop. Any baseball fan would love to visit this place! 

Then it’s back to Miami for one more stop, Ribbon Road, the last original section of Route 66. Walk along this historic pavement which was put in place before Route 66 was even named. The Miami Original Section of the Route 66 Roadbed has retained its historical and structural integrity and remains as Oklahoma’s longest, most intact section of the nine-foot-wide roadbed that was once a part of U.S. Highway 66.


Miami has more than 500 hotel rooms located conveniently off Interstate 44 and Route 66.  With numerous national chains, Miami is the perfect stop for business, family and fun.  Register your group with the CVB and receive special assistance with rates, catering and everything in between. 


Northeast Oklahoma is full of great entertainment! Visit our upcoming calendar of events for a full line-up of activities happening in the Miami area.