Ballroom & Conference Center

The new Conference Center and Ballroom at the Coleman Theatre Complex, with 5,000 square feet of room is ready to book for events. Located in the historic Coleman Theatre “Beautiful”, the facility consists of the originally intended ballroom area and also includes a new entrance with elevators and restrooms. It also has a conveniently located catering kitchen.

As was customary of that era of construction, the ballroom and shops were part of the plan for the elegant “big city” vaudeville/movie palace. Shortly after the opening of the theater in 1929, and before the completion of the ballroom, the local Masonic Lodge was lost in a fire. George Coleman, a member of the Masonic Lodge, permitted the organization to move to the space planned for a ballroom in August of the same year. The Masons and their auxiliaries met there until 1961, long after the death of Mr. Coleman in 1945.

The space remained empty, except for the one period of time when Charles Banks Wilson, famous regional artist, used the space to paint the large murals which now line the dome of the Oklahoma State Capitol Building. Four giclées of those murals were donated by Mr. Wilson and the Gilcrease Art Museum in Tulsa to display in the gathering area of the ballroom to commemorate the creation of these works of art in this facility.

The restoration of the Coleman Theatre began in the late 1980s, the completion of the ballroom area was just a dream. Now, like the restoration of the beautiful and historic theatre, that dream is a reality. Book now for the most elegant and historic setting for your event in the four state area for your event.