Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Cemetery is owned and operated by the City of Miami. The cemetery consists of 86 acres with more than 20,000 burial plots currently in place, with the oldest recorded and legibly marked grave dated 1892. It is the purpose of the G.A.R. Cemetery staff and management to provide empathetic, compassionate, and effective services for our families.

On-Line Burial Records

Remember My Journey is a unique program designed for family members and friends of those interred at G.A.R. Cemetery. Every burial record in the cemetery has its own memorial page with the ability to upload unlimited photos, videos, documents, and memories to enable you to create a lasting memorial for your loved one’s life story. The shared memories build a timeline of their life that will be archived for future generations to learn more about how they enriched the lives of their family and friends.


Decoration Removal Schedule

1st Monday in February

2nd Monday following Easter

1st Monday following Memorial Day

1st Monday in October

  • Wrought iron basket hangers are not permitted except for the time period of December 15th through January 15th and one week prior to Memorial Day until the first Monday following Memorial Day.
  • Notices for our decoration removal schedule will be posted on signs at cemetery entrances the week preceding decoration removals. All decorations not collected by date and time listed will be disposed of with no exceptions.
  • For more information about the G.A.R. Cemetery decoration removal schedule, please call the cemetery at 918-541-2288.

Adopt-A-Flag Today!

Purchase an American flag for $50.00 that will be displayed proudly at G.A.R. Cemetery on Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day. If you wish, the name of a person to be honored will be inscribed on a plaque that will be displayed with the flag. G.A.R.’s Adopt-A-Flag program is a great way to show appreciation for a loved one and your country.



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The British Cadets & Mrs. Hill

During WWII, the community of Miami, Oklahoma welcomed over 2,100 British Cadets. Many families invited the cadets to Sunday Dinner and other family activities with them, resulting in lifelong friendships and some have continued to carry-on through the generations. These young men were far from their homelands where war was ravaging, and rations were a way of life. They were in a very different place than they were used to, and Miami won the young men’s hearts.

Frantie “Frances” Mae Hill tended to the graves of British Royal Air Force cadets that died while training in Miami, Oklahoma during World War II. She tended their graves for over 40 years until her death. She and her husband Claude are buried beside the RAF cadets she so lovingly cared for.

Mrs. Hill always had a special place in her heart for all the cadets that lost their lives and wanted to ensure that they were not forgotten, and to honor them for their families in the UK that couldn’t be here to do so themselves.

Mrs. Hill was awarded The King’s Medal for Service in the Cause of Freedom by King George VI for her care and compassion extended to the fallen RAF cadets and their families.