Riding Through Miami

Some of the best sights to see are enjoyed from the seat of a motorcycle!

If you’re out for a leisurely ride, come enjoy the small town charm and unique attractions Miami has to offer. As you enjoy the scenic ride through the heart of Miami, you are also taking a small stroll down Historic Route 66.

Must-See Locations

We invite you to stay awhile, but if you’re just riding through – here are a few keys places to stop at along your way:

Mickey Mantle's Boyhood

Visit the home where Mickey Mantle, the famous baseball player, grew up. The house was home to Mickey, his parents (Mutt and Lovell), his sister (Barbara) and his three brothers ( Roy,Ray, and Larry). The home can be viewed from the outside and you can walk in the yard and near the barn where Mickey once threw baseballs with his family. Groups may tour the inside of the home by appointment only.

Waylan's KuKu Burger

In business for more than three decades, this famous international hot-spot is the last of its kind and has become an icon located right on historic Route 66. The restaurant is full of Route 66 memorabilia and is famous for its hamburger and unique giant Ku-Ku clock.

Coleman Theatre Beautiful

In 1929, George C. Coleman built this premiere Vaudeville/Movie Palace. The exterior of the theatre features Spanish Mission Revival architecture with Terra Cotta Gargoyles and other hand carved figures adorn the buildings facade. The interior includes golf leaf trim, silk damask panels and carved mahogany staircases. This beautiful theatre named “The Premiere Vaudeville Theatre” is a must see on historic Route 66.

Dobson Memorial Center Home and Museum

Located just 1 block west of Route 66, the Dobson Memorial center consists of Nellie Dobson’s 1916 family home adjacent to a 7100 sq. foot museum. The Ottawa County Historical Society manages the house, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, and is charged with preserving the historic artifacts and documents in the Dobson Museum. Areas of interest and collections include Native American tribes, early Ottawa County settlers, lead and zinc mining history, historic commerce, and local industry and research documents and photos.

Miami Marathon Oil Company Service Station

Thought to be the oldest standing Marathon Oil Station, this landmark was built in 1929 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in February of 1995. The station is significant due to its association with Route 6 and its ‘House with Canopy” architectural style.


Northeast Oklahoma is home to scenic highways, historic byways and miles of drivable Route 66.

When traveling this area, drivers will undoubtedly meet an assortment of international visitors traveling the world-renowned Mother Road – Route 66. Centrally located with a choice of accommodations, Miami is the perfect hub-and-spoke for motorcycle adventures. With lots of dining options and 13 area casinos, evening adventures abound for almost every personal taste. Spend the day exploring the area, then return to experience a plethora of dining and entertainment options before heading to bed.The beauty of this tour is it only requires travelers to unpack their suitcase just once – making Miami the hub for the adventure.

For more information on bringing your group to Miami, Oklahoma, please contact Sherry Spillers at 918-542-4435.