Historic Route 66 & Ribbon Road

 An important attraction that runs directly through the heart of Miami is Historic Route 66. With a deep history as America’s most beloved highway, Route 66 has played a large part in the history of Oklahoma and Ottawa County. Often referred to as the “Birthplace of Route 66,” Oklahoma was part of the road’s beginning and is blessed to have more miles of this historic 2,400 mile roadway than any other state. Miami boasts of the longest Main Street on all of Route 66 and is proud to serve as the Gateway into Oklahoma for all those traveling the mother road.

Just outside of Miami is the last section of the original nine-foot-wide “Ribbon Road” which is listed as an Oklahoma National Historic Landmark. Although a part of the Historic Highway, this section predates Route 66, having been built in the early 1920’s. Legend has it that when the road was built, Oklahoma’s budget was tight, so rather than covering half the mileage, they covered half the width. This remarkable piece of vintage pavement zigzags for 13 miles between Miami and Afton. Another small section of the original road also lies farther south in Narcissa.

Ribbon Road allows travelers to experience history older than Route 66. While the 9 ft highway was a part of the original Route 66 that was finished in 1926, this particular road was also part of the original Ozark Trail Highway. This section of road is an important part of Miami, Ottawa County, Oklahoma and National history.